Oregon Criminal Trials

If you are charged with a crime, your right to a trial — that is, to force the state to prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt — is nearly absolute. If efforts to resolve a case prior to a trial prove unfruitful, Ross Denison Law will vigorously represent you throughout your trial. The process of a criminal trial is a harrowing one, and Ross relies on intense preparation and meticulously developed legal skill to make certain the process is fair and the result is just.

The Criminal Trial Process

An Oregon criminal trial takes place in eight stages.

  1. The lawyers ask a pool of potential jurors questions and select the jury.
  2. The judge will explain the trial process to the newly selected jury.
  3. The lawyers will deliver opening statements where they will summarize what they expect the evidence will show.
  4. Each side will have the chance to present evidence in the form of witness testimony or other exhibits.
  5. The lawyers will present closing arguments, during which they will try to persuade the jury how to decide the case.
  6. The judge will instruct the jury on the particularities of the law necessary to render a verdict.
  7. The jury will deliberate on the evidence presented.
  8. Finally, the jury will return and announce their verdict.

How a Criminal Trial Attorney Fights for You

Ross Denison Law will stand with and advocate for you at every step of this process. Ross will select an unbiased jury that takes its responsibility to hold the state to a high burden seriously. He will present a cogent and appealing theory of the case and your defense. He will forcefully confront and refute the state’s evidence in a manner that discredits and diminishes its case. He will present evidence that protects your interests and advances your theory of the case. At the close of the trial, Ross will deliver a strong argument as to why a jury ought to be compelled to find you not guilty.

In his work, Ross takes to heart the old aphorism, “Be nice, until its time not to be nice.” A trial is a time when the call for niceties is quieted. While professional and even collegial, it is a high stakes fight, often with your liberty on the line. Ross takes this responsibility seriously and will fight for you to the end.

24/7 Legal Help from a Criminal Trial Attorney

If you are facing criminal charges or awaiting trial in Oregon, contact Ross Denison Law today.

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