Arrested or Being Investigated by Police?

Coming to understand that you are subject of police of a police investigation is a difficult and frightening realization. As a general rule, the sooner you retain an attorney to represent you, the more that attorney will be able to protect you and your interests.

What to Do if You Are Contacted by Police

When you are contacted by the police, it is a good idea in almost every case to politely decline to answer their questions and inform them that you desire to speak with an attorney before further communicating with them. Be explicit: affirmatively tell the police that you do not wish to talk with them about anything until you have contacted a lawyer.

Keep in mind, by the time the police are speaking to you, they already have a decided upon a narrative or story of relevant facts. Anything you say will very likely be recontextualized, twisted, or even misrepresented to fit into those “facts.” It is all too common for a person to attempt to explain themselves or a situation, and unknowingly end up causing terrible and irreparable legal harm to themselves. The police know this, they know the emotional difficulty inherent in interacting with them, and most importantly, they know their advantage evaporates once you invoke your right to remain silent or speak with an attorney. As a result, police are trained to exploit a person’s vulnerability by encouraging them in various and often very subtle ways to make statements that will end up hurting their interests. Do not fall prey to these tactics. Call Ross Denison Law immediately upon being contacted by the police or other law enforcement authority.

How an Attorney Helps if You Are Being Investigated

As the police investigate, Ross Denison Law serves as an important buffer between you and the authorities. Make no mistake, whatever disingenuous inducements they offer, the police and the prosecutor’s office are trying to do you legal harm. Ross Denison Law ensures that your communications with law enforcement, if appropriate at all, are safe and do not disclose damaging information.

Once an investigation is referred to a District Attorney’s office by a law enforcement agency, it important you have a skilled criminal defense attorney to negotiate on your behalf prior to a charging decision. Ross Denison Law will communicate with the District Attorney’s Office to attempt to avoid unnecessarily serious charges or charges all together. If that is not possible, Ross will make certain the matter proceeds in a manner that limits the negative impacts on your life.

24/7 Legal Help for Law Enforcement Investigations

If you are the subject of a law enforcement investigation, or think you may be, contact Ross Denison Law today.

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