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Meet Ross Denison

Portland, Oregon Criminal Defense Attorney

At the heart of Ross’ commitment to defending individuals accused of crimes is an understanding that state actors and institutions — from police to prosecutors to courts, jails and prisons — too often tread upon the rights to privacy and fairness that we enjoy as Americans and Oregonians. This fact, combined with Ross’ firm belief that the vast majority of criminal defendants are good people who may or may not have made mistakes, leads to the conclusion that the criminal justice system is often unjust.

With that in mind, Ross is more than an advocate in court. He is a trusted counselor who will work to find creative and forward-thinking solutions to your unique legal problems. Ross values forthright and effective communication — he will listen to and hear you. If a trial is necessary, Ross will offer diligent preparation and rigorous advocacy to deliver a thoughtful and passionate defense.

The son of an educator and investment analyst, Ross was raised in Wisconsin and moved to Portland in 2001 to attend Lewis & Clark College. After earning a bachelor’s degree in History, Ross worked for several years as a mental health counselor, before again crossing the country to attend law school at the New England School of Law in Boston. During this time, while working at the Suffolk County public defender’s office, Ross decided to dedicate a life and career to criminal defense.

In 2010, the mountains and coast drew Ross back to Oregon, and he has called Portland home ever since. Prior to opening his own practice, Ross worked for two years for a prominent Portland defense attorney, gaining valuable experience and insight. Ross prides himself on his steadfast commitment to justice and fairness, and his dogged work ethic.

In his free time, Ross enjoys relaxing with his wife and dogs, reading, and maintaining a small garden.

If you have been charged with a crime, you deserve an experienced criminal defense attorney who truly cares about getting justice in your case. Contact Ross Denison.

“He saved my career and helped me leave a toxic housing situation … . Overall his representation and legal assistance went above and beyond my expectations.”
– A (They/Them)