Why Choose Ross

You Will Never Stand Alone

Ross Denison Law is founded on the twin values of justice and fairness. When the state marshals its significant economic and legal weight against the individual, the fight is inherently unfair — an individual needs a committed and skilled advocate to even the table. Everybody, regardless of guilt or innocence, deserves a zealous defense. When you are forced to stand against the state, Ross Denison Law guarantees you will never stand alone.

You Will Get Honest Advice Without Judgment

The criminal justice system is a daunting and confusing institution. Most clients walk into a lawyer’s office feeling uncertain and fearful. Ross’ first step is to actively listen without judgment, assumption, or pretense. Ross will get to know you, your situation, and your goals so that he can better advise and serve you. In this process, you can expect Ross to be earnest and forthcoming about his assessment of your charges or accusations, the possible challenges, and most importantly, the path towards solutions in your case.

Your Side of the Story Will Be Told

After an initial consultation, the real work begins. The police and prosecutor likely already have a decided upon narrative of what “happened,” and it is necessary to immediately begin an investigation to uncover and establish the truth and advance an account of events that demonstrates your innocence or mitigates your fault. From this point, together you and Ross simultaneously prepare the case for trial and engage in negotiations to resolve the matter in a manner that suits your outcome objectives.

Your Goals and Rights Will Be Protected

Ultimately, the important decisions about how to proceed with your case belong to you. Ross’ role as your attorney will be to advise you of your options and vigorously protect your rights. If a favorable pre-trial resolution is available, he will negotiate it. If not, he will mount a thoughtful, well-supported, and rigorous defense at trial. Throughout, Ross will walk that path with you, working towards a dismissal or favorable plea deal, and prepared to fight when it is time to fight.

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“He saved my career and helped me leave a toxic housing situation … . Overall his representation and legal assistance went above and beyond my expectations.”
– A (They/Them)