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Ross Denison Law Independently Investigates Your Case

Upon the filing of criminal charges, the ultimate resolution of a case often turns on a thorough factual and legal investigation of the case. The state has their self-serving account of events, and Ross Denison Law will conduct an in-depth and independent review of that account as soon as possible. This investigation needs to be done in every case, and is absolutely necessary to assess the strength and weaknesses of your case, prepare for trial, and advise you of the likely consequences of whatever path you choose.

At Ross Denison Law, our investigations begin with a visit to the scene or scenes of an alleged incident or crime. An attorney or professional investigator will interview witnesses and assess the physical surroundings. Obviously, every case is unique, and investigatory techniques will be necessarily tailored to your situation. This process, coupled with a thorough review of the evidence in the state’s possession, will give us a realistic look at your prospects for trial, allow us to begin negotiations with the District Attorney’s Office, and provide the beginnings of our theory of your case.

Your Defense: Experienced Legal Research

In addition to an exhaustive factual investigation, Ross Denison Law also prides itself on meticulous legal research. In every case, Ross engages every legal means to challenge the state’s ability to meet its considerable burden of proving your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Ross reviews the statutory and case law to uncover any defects in the state’s case, and any possible defenses.

24/7 Legal Help for Oregon Criminal Charges

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