Negotiating with the Prosecutor: Plea Bargains and Reduced Charges

Between charges being filed and a trial taking place, there are several months (depending on the severity of the charge, sometimes many months), in which the case is investigated, a trial is prepared for, and your attorney and the attorney representing the state explore and negotiate the possibility of resolving your case without a trial. Both in Oregon courts and at the federal level, less than 5 percent of criminal cases go to trial. That means, in the vast majority of cases, the outcome for a person charged with a crime depends on their defense attorney’s ability to negotiate a favorable result.

How to Negotiate with the Prosecutor

While you and your attorney prepare for trial, your attorney simultaneously pursues negotiations with the District Attorney’s office aimed at concluding your case in a manner most advantageous to you, your life, and your family. When your file crosses a prosecutor’s desk, they see a name, a list of charges, and a police officer’s account of some alleged misdeed. In negotiating, Ross Denison Law will repaint your image with the prosecutor, highlighting your strengths and producing a more accurate picture of you as a human and responsible citizen.

In tandem with this rebranding, Ross will lay bare the weaknesses in the state’s case, making a trial option less attractive for the prosecutor. This can be done both through informal conversation, and, if need be, pre-trial motion practice. That is, he can attack certain evidence prior to a trial. If that evidence can be excluded (not allowed to be considered in any determination of guilt), he can make their jobs more difficult and invite a more acceptable resolution.

24/7 Legal Help for Negotiating and Reducing Criminal Charges

Contact Ross Denison law today, and, together, you and Ross can get to work negotiating an end to your criminal charges that allows you to move on with your life.

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