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What can I do to improve my situation after I’ve been charged with a crime?

The first and most important thing you can do if you are charged with a crime is contact an attorney.  Whether it be Ross Denison Law or one of Portland’s other fine criminal lawyers, you need somebody to start protecting your interests immediately.

Once you have contacted and retained an attorney, follow their advice.  That’s what you pay them for.  More generally, take measures to demonstrate that you are a responsible and productive member of society.  While this may or may not affirmatively help your legal situation, it certainly will not hurt.

“Working with Ross was a breeze! Gave him the info, paid him what he charges, and he handled everything else. 6/5 stars from me! Highly recommend! -L.U.”
– L.U.

Ross Denison

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At the heart of Ross’ commitment to defending individuals accused of crimes is an understanding that state actors and institutions — from police to prosecutors to courts, jails and prisons — too often tread upon the rights to privacy and fairness that we enjoy as Americans and Oregonians.

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