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Does Ross Denison Law offer free consultations?

Yes.  Please feel free to call Ross Denison law for a free phone consultation with an attorney.  We will discuss your situation generally, and what Ross may be able to do to help.  After that, you can make the decision whether to hire Ross to handle your case or legal matter.  In either case, everything you discuss during your consultation will be protected by attorney/client privilege to the same extent as it would be if a formal attorney/client relationship existed.

“He saved my career and helped me leave a toxic housing situation … . Overall his representation and legal assistance went above and beyond my expectations.”
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Ross Denison

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At the heart of Ross’ commitment to defending individuals accused of crimes is an understanding that state actors and institutions — from police to prosecutors to courts, jails and prisons — too often tread upon the rights to privacy and fairness that we enjoy as Americans and Oregonians.

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