Defense Against Oregon Drug Charges

Oregon has extensive laws prohibiting both the possession and distribution of certain controlled substances. With the national trend towards the legalization of marijuana possession, an achievement already hard won here in Oregon, one might be tempted to assume a general turn within the criminal justice system towards a more enlightened treatment of drug crimes. Make no mistake, the state of Oregon still seeks to impose severe penalties for the possession, delivery, and manufacture of many controlled substances. Depending on a number of factors, including the geographic areas the narcotics are alleged to have traversed, there is also a real danger that a person accused of drug crimes may be charged in federal court.

Portland criminal defense attorney Ross Denison has committed his career to defending the rights and goals of men and women facing criminal charges in Oregon. With Ross as your attorney, you will not stand alone and your side of the story will be told. If you are facing drug charges in Oregon, contact Ross anytime.

Treating Addiction: Drug Courts and Diversion Programs

Underlying a great deal of criminal behavior and the majority of criminal charges involving controlled substances is not innate anti-social tendencies but addiction. People accused of drug crimes are often in need of help more than punishment, rehabilitation more than retribution. If a person charged with a drug crime is living with an addiction, and is willing to face and address their dependency, specialty drug courts and diversion programs are sometimes available to avoid harsh penalties.

Addiction and drug crime allegations walk together. Convictions for drug crimes can affect a person’s future ability to gain employment, housing, and education. Nobody should have to live with permanent consequences for desperate decisions.

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