Do I really need a lawyer if I am charged with a crime?

The answer to this question, like so many legal questions, is: it depends.  In some cases, when you are accused of a traffic violation or minor misdemeanor, it is possible that the eventual result will be similar whether or not you retain a lawyer.  As charges become more serious, cases more complicated, and consequences more severe, the need for an able criminal defense attorney becomes both more important and more apparent.

A lawyer will often be able to see your situation in a light that is not apparent to you and offer solutions that may not have occurred to you.  By opting to save money by foregoing a lawyer, it is possible to wind up paying more in other ways, by missing those solutions.

Ross Denison Law will be candid and honest with you about whether your situation calls for a lawyer.  Ross will be forthright about what he can likely help you with and what desired outcomes are less likely.

“Working with Ross was a breeze! Gave him the info, paid him what he charges, and he handled everything else. 6/5 stars from me! Highly recommend! -L.U.”
– L.U.